For sale:
by Edmund Nägele unless stated otherwise                            
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The Domain is available for sale / transfer

 - the best address in Cheltenham. GBP 1.300.000  

Pentax67 SMC 500mm lens Pentax 6x7 SMC 500mm lens (5.6) supplied in original leather case and in mint condition. GBP 699.00  SOLD


Fausto Coppi Racing  Fausto COPPI racing machine. 22 inch frame and bright banana yellow. As new, no more than 25 miles of road use. Reason for sale: Cheltenham's appalling roads! Speed-bumps, potholes, glass, burnt-out cars, shopping-trolleys, discarded washing machines, chewing gum and puke everywhere. 4 punctures in one day and I gave up.Nice one Tony! Bosnia is proud of you!
Cost  £ 500.00 new, private sale,  

Range Rover 4.0 Automatic registered December 1999
UK supplied, approx. 28500 miles, regular service, MOT to July 2004, superb condition, GBP 14,250-00  

Pssst.....  Wan' a  buy a Merc ??
Read what FORTUNE MAGAZINE has to say !
Did you miss the BBC's Top Gear Survey 2004 ?

Harrison Film Pup TentHarrison Film Pup Tent, a changing bag from America for the travelling photographer. 68cm x 50cm x 30cm gives space enough for comfortably changing 10 darkslides 13x18 cm  or 15 darkslides 4x5 in. Travels in small bag and erects in 15 seconds. As new and 100% light-proof.
GBP 35.00
(Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)     SOLD

Mac G3Mackintosh Power PC G3
400 MHz, 10GB Hard Drive, 640 MB RAM, 16 MB Video, magnificent 20 inch Studio Display, ready to work hard and make serious money. Includes Wacom tablet, mouse, normal & extended keyboards, external 8 GB Quantum Fireball hard-drive, external TEAC CD-R unit with built-in 2 GB IBM hard-drive, original boxes, essential software.
GBP 600.00 (Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)  

Microtek AtixScan 4000t
Superb 4000 dpi scanner for 35mm transparencies.  
GBP 250.00
(Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)  

Kodak Carousel S-AV Kodak Carousel S-AV projector. Professional and powerful 35mm pin-sharp projection via a Vario Projar 3.5, 70-120mm Zoom lens, 250 watts, auto-focus,  full remote cotroll and auto timer, 3 Kodak slide trays holding 80 slides each included. Plus: free Reflecta Delux portable tripod screen. Original packing and instructions supplied. Private sale  GBP   95.00  SOLD

Olympus E10 Olympus E10 digital camera. Excellent picture quality, as new and and little used. Complete with original box, software and instructions. Read full test reports by following the link "digital cameras" on my link page. Reason for sale: updating to the latest Olympus E20, hence this super price! 
GBP  649.00 (Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)  

Elinchrome Elinchrome 202 studio outfit. Very little use and un-marked.
Three powerfull S2 heads, honeycomb, medium diffuser, large diffuser box, three light stands, all cases and cables supplied.
GBP  699.00 (Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)  

ML320 Merc ML320   (1998-S) Photographer's  4x4 dream.  
GBP 29,500-00   sorry (not really) 

did I sell such a beautiful car ? I traded it for a Range Rover! Read my reasons in my letter to Mercedes Benz (UK).  They won't mind me sharing my thoughts on Mercedes quality with you. Read my letter at di@log .
...and don't just take my word for it, show some style, read

Nikonos Nikonos III   with 35mm/1:2.5 lens.
Hardly used and unmarked. With instruction book, spare O-rings & O-ring grease.
GBP  240.00 (Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)  

Billingham 550Billingham 550 Camera bag with three 915-inserts for medium format equipment and two detachable exterior bags. Sand colour and matching leather. Too beautiful to use, hence never used but kept on the mantelpiece.
GBP  87-00 (Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)  

Sinar-p view camera 5x7inch  (13x18cm) including full 4x5 back and matching normal and wide-angle bellows. Additional front unit with bellow. Mechanical Sinar shutter and cables. Extension rod for use up to 500mm lenses. Original Sinar case together with filter holder, polarizer, Polaroid back and many other small accessories. Use it to shoot panoramics with full movements!  
GBP 1,400-00 (Europe: plus 17.5% VAT)

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