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Mercedes ML320

November 1998 (S)
Under 2200 miles
Cost over GBP 36.000


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Ducks, frogs and goldfish:
Don't leave them at home,
brilliant water leaks will be
heaven for them and hell
for you!

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Spring, summer, autumn and
winter.In town or in the country,
on the road or off the beaten track,
the M-class is the car for all
seasons and reasons
(Daimler Chrysler's blurb: and don't you
believe a word....! )
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ML3.jpg (11827 bytes) Treacherous slush-covered roads,
winding mountain passes, narrow country
lanes - the M-class can tackle whatever
is put in it's path. With permanent 4-wheel
drive and Mercedes-Benz intelligent
driving dynamics systems, the M-class
will always be on your side.
(Daimler Chrysler's blurb: they laugh
all the way to the bank while you are pushing it !)
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ML4.jpg (16563 bytes) ML12.jpg (10501 bytes) ML11.jpg (13671 bytes)
ML6.jpg (12867 bytes) Read the detail of the full disaster in my
letter to Daimler Chrysler UK !




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Special equipment:
Highly individual alarm system gives hours of amusement (to others).
Pool on passenger side for "Frequent Flyers", i.e. ducks and geese.
Rear seat assembly realistically imitates the thrilling sounds of a cheap motel.
Leather seats highly suitable for Sudanese brass monkeys and Americans.
The battery: never lets you down as a brilliant paperweight.

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All photographs feature
the car which I now got rid of. In the process I lost GBP 10.000 in 12 months and in under 2200 miles. They call it "low depreciation" .......  Gimme a break !

Extremely cheap plastics supports the US and German economies
Detachable accelerator pedal. Bet, you don't have one !

Read my letters to Daimler-Chrysler UK and Germany now.
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ML8.jpg (14479 bytes) Edmund Nägele
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Would you treat your customers like Daimler Chrysler?  Would you dare?  So what's in a star ?

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Why buy a Mercedes when it rusts and rattles from new?    This is the way to do it!

Clearly the owner of this GBP 45.000 Merc was not impressed by the build-quality and wrote on both sides of the car:

Seen and photographed May 14th, 2000,
in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

.................and you thought Mercedes quality could not get worse:
3 letters published in the The Sunday Times, November 3rd, 2002

ALL AT SEA: Further to the recent tale of the woe with the Mercedes S 600 (Flagship that's dead in the water, last week), I am sure many other readers have evidence of the shocking fall in the once legendary build quality of Mercedes cars.

I bought an S 280 in November 1999and it had more than 20 unscheduled days off the road due to warranty claims, including rust/paint flaking from rear wheel arches, automatic wipers that would not switch off, jammed glove box, faulty petrol gauge and various electrical problems. A rear window-mounted aerial had to be replaced several times until it was cured by my suggestion of using bathroom sealant to prevent water penetration.

More annoyingly it took several months of correspondence with Mercedes-Benz before it even acknowledged my concerns.

John Nutton, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

PROBLEMS: In February 2000 I bought a Mercedes S 320 L and from the first day it has had problems in every operational area. It is the worst vehicle I have ever driven. I have had to take it in for attention 52 times.

The car was delivered with mismatched seats and has suffered brake failure, acceleration problems, ABS failure, air-conditioning and gearbox faults, Airmatic suspension failure, partial engine shutdown and light failures.

I am most worried about the fact that the body does not sit properly on the rear axle. When measured it was found that the offside was almost 8 inches higher than the nearside.

Phil O'Connor, Ilford, Essex

AGGRAVATION: Your article on the Mercedes S 600 is the tip of a very large iceberg. I got rid of my SLK 230 after a catalogue of problems and would not have an other. With a vehicle costing more than GBP 32.000 one does not expect so much time off the road, so much aggravation and such poor service. My analysis is that most dealers are trying their hardest, but are overwhelmed with quality problems.

I am not a person who readily criticises dealers, having family connections in the trade and knowing how demanding the British public can be, but I write in the sure knowledge you will hear many similar tales from Mercedes owners.

Tim Brook, Creaton, Northamptonshire

Letter to Daimler-Chrysler (USA) as supplied by Tim Forrester
ML430, VIN 146812, Model year 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased the above ML430 in November 1999 and have since driven it approximately 27,000 miles with no off road use or any other treatment, which could in anyway be considered harsh.

Despite the local dealerships best attempts, I have suffered 23 warranty incidents / repairs. Please see the attached list for details.

Certainly some of the warranty items have been trivial or cosmetic and fixed by the dealer without my request.

However putting these trivial items aside, 13 have been hard failures caused by a combination of poor assembly, quality of component or design. Hard failures are shown in BOLD.

Many of these hard failures have resulted in un-scheduled service visits and general inconvenience. On average a failure has occurred every 2 –3 months.

I attempted to resolve this situation with the local dealer, but without success and have recently escalated the matter to the regional manager of Southern California MBUSA – no satisfaction was obtained. I escalated the matter higher still to DC HQ in Germany, same result – no satisfaction. Basically keep taking back to the dealer for repairs…. 

Problems to date with my 2000 ML430, VIN 146812

  1. MCS (radio, CD player, nav system) unit failure – replaced under warranty.

  2. Remote central locking failure – keys replaced 5 times on 4 separate visits, authorization module changed 3 times.

  3. Engine check light – Oxygen sensor replaced.

  4. Door locks fail to lock – take 2-3 attempts. Authorization module changed again and locks re-aligned.

  5. Rear window switches failed. Replaced under warranty.

  6. Front driver’s window switch failed. Left with window in stuck down position. Switch & motor replaced under warranty.

  7. The passenger front seat rocks under acceleration – loose / broken mount. Repaired under warranty.

  8. Fuel gauge inaccurate – replaced under warranty.

  9. Whirling noise from engine – alternator replaced, bad bearing.

  10. Front passenger power seat failed – switches replaced.

  11. Battery failed without warning – went open circuit.

  12. Remote key entry in-operative again – key replaced.

  13. Brake pad warning light failed to indicate warn brake pads.

  14. Excessive sunroof wind noise when open – deflector added FOC by dealer.

  15. Auxiliary cooling fan (F44) fuse blown – fixed by installing a slightly higher rated fuse.

  16. Drivers side seat now loose, rocks back & forth under acceleration.

  17. B pillar black plastic wrinkled – replaced under warranty at dealers suggestion, but they messed up the interior trim.

  18. The driver’s window rattles when lowered 2-3 inches – sounds like something is tapping the glass inside the door. Still not fixed – seems all ML’s suffer from this problem, ignoring it from now on.

  19. Center console material cover stretch, replaced under warranty by dealer without my prompt.

  20. Squeak coming from the light / handle fixture behind the driver above the rear left hand door. Fixed under warranty.

  21. Since the seat belt recall was performed on the rear seat belt it has become more difficult to lower and secure the rear seats. Seats adjusted but still difficult.

  22. Leather on underside of rear seats keeps coming un-clipped – poor design, not repaired as yet. Fixed myself.

  23. Loud bang from rear seats when going over speed humps – even slowly. Fixed myself by adding felt.

Tim Forrester

Letter to Daimler-Chrysler (UK) as supplied by Simon Smith

08. August 2002

Dear Sir 

In September of last year I purchased a Mercedes A 170 CDI , from Road Range in Liverpool, and to put it bluntly I have been disappointed on several fronts by the vehicle. 

Upon delivery, the vehicles alarm was too sensitive, and would go off by itself whenever the car was alarmed. This was the first time I used your “24 hour” support services, and a mechanic was duly dispatched, and arrived some 9 hours later. Not the quickest of response, I’m sure you’ll agree, and particularly worrying as my partner and our 1 year old child use the vehicle most often, which means in the event of a mechanical fault disabling the vehicle, they could spend several hours at the side of the road waiting for assistance. 

Despite the ardent assurances by the salesperson upon the quality of Mercedes vehicles, the car has been dogged by petty faults, I can only put down to poor QA. The drivers side window needed reseating, Panels have yellowed (because I “park in the sunlight”) the passenger side window now works intermittently, The CD holder has stopped working and the rear cup holder had been loose since delivery of the car. I’m sure you’ll agree none of these faults are life threatening, but I’d like to expand on the last one so you can better understand the problems your product has caused. 

The rear cup holder sits between the two front seats and on the car it didn’t clip in fully. This is a fault that is clearly visible , and should have been fixed long before the car left the factory, but it wasn’t . This fault , although clearly visible passed PDI (pre delivery inspection) and was noticed by my child (aged 12) upon her sitting in the rear of the car.  

I decided to phone the suppliers of the car, but said I’d leave replacing it until the service, as its only cosmetic, and visiting them is out of my normal routine.

When the car was serviced I was told that a new part was needed, and had not been ordered, and can I bring the car back, which I agreed. However in over a month I was not informed that the part was there and when I visited Road Range, they had no record of the part being ordered, although a particularly gifted service mechanic re fitted the cup holder in 5 minutes, all this time however, I have wished to sell the now quickly depreciating car but could not (and still cannot) due to work outstanding on the vehicle. How is it that a part so visible, with a clearly visible problem passes QA on several occasions? , And what security does a customer have that more critical parts cannot slip though the QA net?  

My final point is that the car is depreciating in value at a quite horrific rate, due in no small part to the deal Mercedes UK have done with Easy jet, which floods the used car market with A class Mercedes, and recent price changes that mean the new range of A Classes start at under nine thousand pounds.   

I have been reassured on numerous occasions that this is an unusual turn of events, that Mercedes customers are usually very happy with their purchases, some simple research on the internet concludes that I am not alone (please see . 

I would like to hear your views and any possible remedies you would like to propose at your earliest convenience. 

Simon Smith

If you have a similar experience and want to share it, email me.


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