File size Resolution RGB type Suitable use EURO US$ GBP
500 k 72  dpi JPEG

Web & Multi-Media
or CD presentation

53.60 50.00 33.50
7 Mb 300 dpi JPEG/TIFF A6 or 10x15 cms 127.00 120.00 80.50
15 Mb 300 dpi JPEG/TIFF A5 or 15x21 cms 171.50 160.00 107.20
30 Mb 300 dpi JPEG/TIFF A4 or 30x21 cms 277.00 250.00 167.50
40 Mb 300 dpi JPEG/TIFF A3 or 42x30 cms
and digital posters
320.00 300.00 213.00
Transparency 6x7 cms Fuji Velvia Any use:
on application

accepted via PayPal®                     
US$/EUR/GBP cash or any cheque* welcome. *Outside Europe please add cheque-clearance fee of US$ 8.00
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All images are available in form of digital files or 6x7 cm transparencies. Prices (residents of the UK please add VAT at 17.5%) quoted are for one-time use only. The images are not offered on a royalty free basis. Drum-scanned digital files are supplied via email or CD-ROM. Tests have shown that 40 Mb files transmitted via email in JPEG format at near maximum compression have obtained excellent results on book covers and greeting cards. 40 Mb RGB files will be compressed to about 1.5 Mb and download. Smaller files sizes will be transmitted at a lower compression ratio to maintain quality.

Quality always comes first: all images on this web site have been scanned from medium and large format originals on my own drum scanner. The digital files on offer will meet the very highest demands, whilst 6x7cm transparencies on Fuji Velvia film material are suitable for any use without restriction to size.

Extra charges (at cost) will apply for email transmission over 5 minutes (multiple pictures), writing to CD, international postage or courier services and cheque clearance fees.

No "free" images are offered at any time. Please remember that a huge investment was required to produce the images displayed on this site. Photographers, just like plumbers, astronauts, vets, bus conductors, undertakers and brain surgeons need to make some money in order to pay their daily bills. Well-meaning offerings of a photographic credit and other means of dubious fame in exchange for the free use of an image do not feed the hamster. Nor am I easily impressed. Your understanding is  much appreciated.